Founded in 2008 by Telecom and IT industries Co-founders, as a leading company in the domain.

IGT team carries a 20 years, of a Telecommunication services experience, and grew to be one of the leading companies in Syria, providing solutions to its clients ensuring high quality of best deliverables

Our portfolio of services is fulfilling all requirements of Telecom operators, Banks, International Organizations and Educational sectors, servicing a wide scope of valued engineering services, with a portfolio of best class products, services and solutions from highly reputed vendors & partners.

Our highly qualified team deliver outstanding support to our clients & partners, including operational, commercial and technical expertise.

Our Mythology

Our clients value us for being an extremely client focused company. As for our clients’ valued business partner, we are known for being reliable, accurate and timely in handling our clients’ needs

Solutions for our clients’ business needs is offering experienced professionals, with the correct skills, providing smart solutions, at the right time.

We are committed responsive, detail oriented and very knowledgeable, regarding relevant industry standards, Applying all on our clients’ business needs, providing a practical advice and cost efficiency module.

Our team members are highly experienced professionals, with backgrounds variety in business, financial, regulatory, operational, technical knowledge, and quality control.

IGT Mythology

Our Vision

To provide partners and customers with a complete range of world class information technology and telecom products services.

Our Mission

We aim to achieve our vision by helping customers reaching their business goals through offering state of art innovative solutions.

Our Values

We maintain a creative environment in order to develop meaningful, highly relevant products & services

Professionalism and high standards in both quality and integrity are embedded at the heart of individuals and company

The company is independent and our employees are encouraged to be independently minded

To various markets, with deep understanding to market needs and customer behavior, Combining technical, commercial and business knowledge with team experience.

Evolution Commitment
A continuous development and up to date with the technological advancement

Competitor Advantage

Vender Independent.

Highly experienced and educated personnel to ensure excellent results following the best quality standards.

Adaptability to various markets and deep understanding to market needs and customer behavior.

Combining technical knowledge with commercial and business knowledge experience.

Flexibility in scope definition and project execution.

Continuous development and up to date with the technological advancements.

Well structured and flexible organization.

ISO & E-TOM frame workx Certified.

Project management certified.

Our experienced support team is here to assist you.