We at IGT treat our projects as a work of art for generations to come

Governmental Clients

We have a huge experience in contracting and implementation, with a governmental sectors, succeeding to give an added value towards our clients

  • Central Bank
  • University of Natural Sciences
  • University of Political Science
  • University of Law
  • Central Library
  • Party University
  • Branch of Security Criminal
  • Branch of Security political
  • Ministry of Petroleum
  • Ministry of Health
  • Council of Ministers
  • General Administration of Customs
  • General Company for Building and Construction
  • Ministry of Justice


Group of different type of smart services and solutions has been provided to the different companies in Syria including the following sector

  • ITech Co
  • UNDP
  • Petro Canada
  • Kalamoun Mall
  • Hot Bakery
  • Sheraton Hotel
  • Art House Hotel
  • Talisman Hotel
  • Bahri Pharmaceuticals
  • Rawasi Group
  • IBTF Bank
  • QNB Bank
  • Al Mashreq Bank
  • Teo Co.
  • Gemini Group
  • United Exchange Company
  • Kala’aji Exchange Company
  • City Taxi Company
  • TIT Company
  • Star soft Company
  • Mamlouk Trading
  • BTC Network
  • MDS Company
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